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Pas des Escaliers Height Climbing height
1700m 1441m (SÚchilienne); 459m (Col de la Morte)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there The climb starts in SÚchilienne (364m) and is the same climb at first as the one to Col de la Morte (1368m). A little before (1346m) you reach the Col de la Morte where the road flattens a road takes off up the woods on a poor (at first) asphalt road. The D114e road is signposted for Lac de Poursollet and Lac Fourchu. This soon starts to get steep and much better. It is a sweet road in the woods. There can be many people here in the Summer and I have seldom seen so many cars parked along a road outside a city as here. You will have some surprise coming on this road as it climbs for along time you will think you have reached the height of 1700m and in fact you go to ca. 1720m before it starts to descend abruptly to ca. 1615m, where it then climbs to the pass which is not marked by a sign and is even a bit unclear geographically. The road descends a little here again to the end of the asphalt and a parking place with a memorial to some soldiers who died here around in the second world war.
Other comments Bring water from SÚchilienne as you will not find any on the climb! It is quite a long climb given its somewhat modest height.