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Colle della Cavallina Height Climbing height - length
1941m 1015m - 11.8 km (Ponte Marmora via Elva)
1008m - 13.7 km (Bassura di Stroppo)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there From Valle Maira in the south there are two roads to Colle di Sampeyre (2284m) that meet at this pass. One goes from Bassura di Stroppo (933m) and is evenly steep and very well paved. It is steep and around 9% most of the time. The road choice from near Ponte Marmora (926m) is the more spectacular and the one used by the locals in the village of Elva. It is very steep however, with gradients up 15% on a slightly dangerous road that is often marked as closed (but the people of Elva apparently always have a shovel with them in the case of stones on the road). They have a warning for falling stones higher up which comes across a bit ironic when the whole road is filled with stones at times.
Other comments See Colle di Sampeyre/Sampeire/Col d’Sampeyre for more information.