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Passo del Lucomagno/Cuolm Lucmagn/Pass dil Lucmagn/Lukmanierpass Height Climbing height - length
1917m (road height 1972m)
Sign 1914m
966m - 17.4 km (Olivone (bivio Lago Luzzone))
1621m - 40.6 km (Biasca)
902m - 20 km (Disentis/Mustér)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there The northern climb starts in Disentis/Mustér (1142m) and starts with a short descent to 1070m. The southern climb starts in Biasca (296m) at the start of the Valle di Blenio. The real climb starts first in Olivone (891m). The road is oddly little used despite that it is one of the best road crossings over the Alps between the north and south. The road is good and never really steep and the pass is not so very high. I guess the difficult thing is getting to the start in Disentis which would seem like a detour to most truck drivers. The road descends a little to the actual pass from the highest point of the road (1972m) in a tunnel with windows along the lake. It can be hot and quite hard up from Olivone.
Other comments There are many nice valleys in the Disentis area. The Lai de Sontga Maria lake at the top is very nice. The pass is quite beautiful most of the way (contrary to what my first impression was) and you stay up at rather high altitude for some time on this climb )esp. if coming from the south). There is water at the pass. Much of the way from Disentis to the tunnel is concrete pavement, just like long stretches of the road down from Disentis to Ilanz. See also: Passo Muazz (1697m) – a place well worth visiting.
[CH-GR-1915, BIG 587]