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Passo di Croce Domini Height Climbing height - length
Sign 1895m
1564m - 20.1 km (Breno)
1601m - 21.7 km (Esine)
1622m (1632m) - 22.4 km (20.2 km) (Cividate Camuno (or short-cut))
1583m - 30.9 km (Lago d’Idro (Sant’ Antonio))
1733m - 30.5 km (Lodrone/Cerreto)
1215m - 20 km (Ponte di Destrone)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there The hardest climb is from Breno (via Astrio) (330m) in the west (there are two initial alternative roads up but they soon join each other). There is also a nearby climb starting in Cividate Camuno (272m) which goes through Bienno (435m), which joins the Breno road just above Astrio. One could also start in Esine (293m). This is a steep and long road, but never with gradients above ca. 10%. The roads are waymarked for this pass (the signs says ‘Passo Crocedomini’). For the eastern climb, see Goletto di Cadino (1937m).
Other comments This is the most famous pass in the area. The road signs usually say ‘Passo Crocedomini’. The road is very much exposed to the sun on the west side, which may make that climb even harder! There is a bar at the top. The nicest road in the area is the narrow road that comes from near Anfo by the Lago d’Idro and climbs steeply in many serpentines to Passo di Baremone/Passo del Mare (1418m). See the (Goletto del) Giogo della Bala (Dosso dei Galli) description. See also Goletto Gāvero/Goletta del Gaver.