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Col du Mont-Joux/Col de Joux Height Climbing height - length
1931m 1154m - 17.49 km (Avise)
1250m - 18.54 km (St. Pierre)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there

This hard and exciting climb is best climbed from Avise (777m), which is also the hardest alternative. The average gradient is not terrible up to Cérellaz, but it is known to be hard for the fact that every other stretch of the hairpinned road is like 15%, while the others are very moderatly steep. Then there is a long flat stretch and you should not take the road to Thomasset and Vedun as the road turns to gravel after Vedun (1517m). After Charbonnière you take the first road up the mountainside to Vens (1735m), from where a very narrow road continues and at the tiny crossroad you take left to a little lake where the asphalt ends. Go around the lake and after a short little climb you reach the pass after the ca. 550m good gravel stretch.

If you come down from Aosta, you can start the climb at St. Pierre (681m). This climb shares the same final stretch when it meets the road from Cérellaz, but is generally a more even and easier climb.

Other comments There are really lovely views along this climb from Avise, where you have a good view of Mont Blanc along the way and higher up you have grand views of the high mountains that the Aosta valley lies buried beneath. Cérellaz had a charming little hotel when I was visiting here in 2009. The other side of the pass eventually will lead down to Vedun, asphalt and then back to Cérellaz again, but it seems smarter to return the same way as the views are not so good from the pass and on the other wooded side.