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Col de Montgenèvre/Colle del Monginevro Height Climbing height - length
1850m 646m - 12.8 km (Briançon); 590m - 12.3 km (Briançon north); 461m - 7.1 km (Clarée valley)
508m - 9.6 km (Cesana Torinese); 775m - 19.5 km (Oulx); 1470m - 43 km (Susa)
Difficulty Beauty
2 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there The pass is just inside the French border on an easy crossing between France and Italy. It is the easiest crossing of the Alps in this part of the Alps. (The next one would be the Brennerpass.) You start the climb from France in the highest town in the Alps, Briançon (1204m or 1260m), or further up on the road at the second of two alternative roads into Vallée de la Clarée (1389m). The climbing really starts only after this last point and it is brief. The Italian side is somewhat similar (new tunnel-building in 2006) and the climb here starts in Cesana Torinese (1342m) or possibly further down in Oulx (1075m) or all the way down in Susa (500m).
Other comments There are tourist villages on both the French (Montegenèvre) and the Italian (Clavière) side of the pass. Before going into Italy you can turn off on a small asphalt road (in the direction of Italy) to nearby Le Collet (1856m) (no sign, but located just above a parking place). That road ends at some hotels. (Photo taken at Le Collet in the direction of Col de Montgenèvre.)