Furggu/Furgge/Furkens Height Climbing height - length
1873m 1034m - 11.6 km (Gondo); 1582m - 29.2 km (Crevoladossola)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there This pass was used before the Simplonpass/Passo del Sempione/Col du Simplon (2006m) road was built and avoided the Gondoschlucht. The climb starts in Gondo (839m) or further down in Crevoladossola (307m) and goes up the Zwischbergental via Zwischbergen (1359m) to the pass on the south side. The north side is only a path (mule trail) lower down the north side. The road is very narrow from Gondo up, first through somewhat steep serpentines and then through some tunnels. It then becomes a little easier climb up to the pass, but on the whole this is a pretty hard climb.
Other comments There are nice views from the top of the pass and the road is exciting in itself lower down. There is food and lodging (“massenlager”) in Zwischbergen (restaurant Bord). Here is another account of the climb: Furggu (in Italian). (Profile at salite.ch.)