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Passo del Vivione Height Climbing height - length
1829m (road height 1833m)
Sign 1827m
1364m - 19.6 km (Forno d’Allione); 1329m - 19.8 km (Malonno south)
1083m - 21 km (Dezzo di Scalve); 1113m - 21.2 km (Dezzo di Scalve via Azzone)
Difficulty Beauty
West 3 (5); East 3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there The eastern climb starts out in Val Camonica at Forno d’Allione (465m) between Breno and Edolo or higher up at Malonno (500m). It is a somewhat steep climb up Valle Paisco mostly in forest on a narrow, but good road. The steepest part is in the last couple of kilometres. The last kilometre is not steep. The western climb starts in Dezzo di Scalve (750m) and is irregular, with only a few steep sections. One could alternatively go via Azzone on a less busy road, where it should be quite steep up to Azzone, but then easy with a slight descent (30m).
Other comments There are splendid views just west of the pass height. There are also good views higher up on the east side. There are shops and cafés in Schilpario on the west side and at the pass there is a restaurant/small hotel (rifugio). The pass has been used in the Giro d’Italia a few times.
[IT-BG-1828, BIG 693]