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Passo di Col di Caneva Height Climbing height - length
1842m 1278m - 28.3 km (Comeglians)
933m - 23.9 km (Santo Stefano di Cadore)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there

A very nice pass at the end of Val Sesis. There is a flat track at the end, which is partly possible to use with a road bike to the actual pass 190m from the last parking (and refuge/restaurant). One has to go via Passo Sappada/Cima Sappada (1289m), which itself is a nice pass on this most northern passage within Italy between Veneto and Friuli. The climb starts either in the southeast at Comeglians (564m) or in the southwest at Santo Stefano di Cadore (909m).

The narrow road from Cima Sappada is quite something to discover! It is changing between being almost flat to bring you to sets of serpentines that are very steep and then a more typical high narrow mountain climb higher up. Before the pass one goes left and arrives on a big plateau (Pian dei Pastori).

Other comments The views are really great at the Pian dei Pastori. On the way down one goes via another narrow road more directly down to the village of Sappada. One could visit Passo Avanza (1734m) 500m from the asphalt road on the obvious turn-off east on the road before the very last steep stretch to the top. But it is not usable with road bike, despite some cobblestone paving, but it should be popular with mountain bikers wanting to get down to Pierabec. Well worth visting if you happen to go over Cima Sappada! See also: Forcella Zovo (1609m).