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Hintertärfeten (Chrindi)/Hinder Tärfete Height Climbing height - length
1826m 785m - 8.1 km (Zwischenflüh)
1156m - 16.6 km (Oey)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there

The climb starts in Oey (670m). At Zwischenflüh (1041m) one turns off the main road up the Diemtigtal and one soon again turns off from the road to Gestelenpass/Meieberg (1853m) and Seeberg, on the second road to the right that is asphalted up through the woods. There was one short passage of gravel (ca. 25m) in 2011, but otherwise the road is in very good condition. Eventually one reach a crossroad, where one could take right again for Rinderalp (no sign). This road is lovely, but soon becomes flattish and a gravel road to the alp/pass at the end. You should continue on the road going up to the left, which continues somewhat steep for a long time until becoming a good gravel road for 290m until the pass height.

The road continues up and then down via a lower passage in the ridge at Ramsli (1736m), but then soon turns to a path. On the other side at Hintertärfeten a road goes down to the Schwarzmoos alp and then there is also only a path down the north side.

Other comments The views are lovely from the pass! There road above Zwischenflüh is narrow, but there are not much traffic here. It is possible to stay the night at Rinderalp (1705m/1689m) (which I could recommend), but there is nothing else nearby. At Seeberg (1806m) there is a restaurant.