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Col du Pré Height Climbing height - length
1703m 963m - 12.2 km (Beaufort); 1003m - 14.9 km (La Pierre)
1355m - 30.9 km (Albertville); 128m - 5.2 km (Lac de Roselend)
Difficulty Beauty
North 3-4 (5); East 1 (5) 5 (5)
How to get there The climb starts to the north in Beaufort (740m) (or just below at La Pierre (700m)) and goes via the nice village of Arêches (1055m). It is up all the way from Albertville (348m). Just after Arêches you take left up a quite steep and narrow road to the pass. Just after the pass you get very good views first of the Mont Blanc mountains and then also of the Lac de Roselend. This is the nicest approach to the Cormet de Roselend (1968m) pass. The climb up from the dam is short and easy.
Other comments This and Cormet de Roselend are among the most beautiful pass roads in the French Alps. An alternative pass road over the Beaufortin mountains is the Cormet d’Arêches (2109m) pass which is just about cyclable with a road bike (one goes straight on up the valley from Arêches instead of going over the Col du Pré if coming from Beaufort). The Cormet d’Arêches has around 6 km gravel road and is a bit difficult on the south side and it is also rather steep on the asphalt part up from Granier. There is a grocery shop in Arêches.