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Col des Annes Height Climbing height - length
1723m 800m - 11.8 km (Le Grand-Bornand)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there This road is paved all the way to the pass height on the south-west side from le Grand-Bornand (923m), but there are only tracks continuing on the other side. Le Grand-Bornand is on the south side of Col de la Colombière/Col d’Auferrand (1607m). The road is nearly flat until a golf course (1055m), where one turns up a steep road to the pass. It has drainage gullies and there can be a lot of cow dung on the road, so be careful when descending this road.
Other comments The views are probably quite good at the top, but I had rainy weather when visiting this pass. There are some nice houses in a style not often seen (here around). One could possibly also reach Col de Borneronde (1680m) on a gravel road from the Col des Annes road with a road bike on a fine day for additional views. Col des Annes seems like a good start for mountain bike routes in the area. There are shops, restaurants and lodging in Le Grand-Bornand.