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Rodomont Derrière Height Climbing height - length
1738m 787m - 10.17 km (Flendruz)
782m - 10.65 km (Rougemont)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

You start either just near the railway station at Flendruz (981m) or if coming from Saanen, you could start earlier in Rougemont (986m). There is another earlier road at Flendruz, but it is better taking the main road here sign-posted for La Manche, which is the area you are heading for. You go around the top above and after entering the woods there is a short descent to a bridge (just before the bridge there is the only water along the road).

After a short climb you get to a crossroad. Here I got the advice in 2010 to go straight for Col de la Forcla/Col d’En Forclaz (1682m), but ended up at Les Rodomonts instead. Apparently even the locals living on the road to the pass do not know where it goes (maybe because they do not live here regularly all year long or he fooled me … ). This road was quite interesting and not marked as being asphalted on any map I know of. It starts with a kilometre of bricks for surface as if the road went up to a private garage. Then it is smooth asphalt all the way to the top. You cross the water again and the climb from here is steady and steep with little views. As I sort of knew where Col de la Forcla was, I mistakenly took another unsigned road going in the direction of the Forcla pass, but after it eventually turned to gravel and then ended, I had to go back again. There is then yet another road going right to La Chia and Rodomont Devant (1782m).

There is pass-like place just before where the asphalt ends (1736m), but you should continue on the good gravel road for 485m to just before Rodomont Derrière (1807m). At 1738m before the last ramp there at least used to be a passage down the other side according to maps from earlier on. It is hard to discern any clear path now, but it is likely possible to walk down there now too.

Other comments The road is nice and the first part after the turn-off for Col de la Forcla is fun, but it is a lot of climbing for a dead-end road. One could possibly walk past the Rodomont Derrière on a track over to Col de la Forcla, but I would rather recommend taking the direct road from above to that pass which is nicer, if one also goes up to Pertet à Bovets (1839m). However, do continue on the gravel road here to Rodomont Derrière for some great views that you do not have where the asphalt ends (see the photo here).