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La Croix Height Climbing height - length
1700m (1889m) 424m - 5.5 km (Brusson (north)); 1311m - 20.1 km (Verrès)
666m - 10.4 km (Challand-St.-Anselme); 883m - 14 km (Challand-St.-Victor)
Difficulty Beauty
2 (5); 3 (fr. Verrès) 4 (5)
How to get there If you come to Val d’Ayas in Aosta via Colle di/Col de Joux (1640m), the climb to La Croix starts in Brusson (north) (1276m). If you start from Verrès (389m) at the start of the valley it is a much longer climb where you can short-cut up through Brusson on the via Pila for example. One could start in Challand-St.-Anselme (1034m) or Challand-St.-Victor (Châtaignère) (817m) if coming via Col Tzecore/Col du Mont-Tseuc/Colle di Zuccore (1608m) or Colle di/Col d’Arlaz (1030m) respectively. This is a somewhat steep but wide road from Brusson and to this minor pass.
Other comments This is the road to Arescoll/Colle/Col de Ranzola (2171m), which has been suggested as built to the pass on some maps, but this road still remains a mule track over the pass. The asphalted climb continues for 3 km until the height of 1889m some way after Estoul (1817m) on the way to the Ranzola pass. For good information on this climb (in Italian) see this link (click on ‘Colle Ranzola’). There is a surprising amount of traffic on this road in Summer. It is however quite nice up here!