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Passo Campo Carlo Magno Height Climbing height - length
Sign 1682m
919m - 14.9 km (Dimaro)
923m - 16.5 km (Pinzolo)
1126m - 32 km (Tione di Trento)
1044m - 23.5 km (Fisto)
Difficulty Beauty
2-3 (5) 2 (5)
How to get there This is the pass one climbs over when visiting Madonna di Campiglio (1516m) – the well-known skiing resort. Both the climb from Pinzolo (760m) to the south and Dimaro (764m) to the north are somewhat easy on a good road. If you come over the Passo Daone (1291m), you start the climbing in Fisto (649m) slowly up to Pinzolo and could better take the less busy road on the right-hand side of the valley (you could take that way if coming from Tione di Trento too). If coming down the Sella di Bondo (820m) on the main road the climb starts slowly in Tione di Trento (567m).
Other comments The pass itself is forested and offers only occasional glimpses up the ski slopes nearby. One could continue the climb up to to Malga Zeledria 1773m to make sure one has climbed over 1000 height metres and for better views. There are some nice side roads up from Pinzolo to Madonna di Campiglio and I have been up the Val Genova and Rifugio Bedole (1639m) myself where there are many tourists. You could also climb the highest asphalt road in the area to Rifugio Cornisello (2125m). The very last stretches of both these roads are gravel.