No photo here, forgot to take one. Height Climbing height - length
Sign 1675m
554m - 15.6 km (Steeg); 697m - 38.3 km (after Elmen)
887m - 18.5 km (Au); 232m - 11.7 km (Lech)
Difficulty Beauty
West 3 (5); East/South 2-3 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there The climb from the east starts above Elmen (979m), if coming down from Hahntennjoch (1894m), but the real climb starts only later in Steeg (1122m). The climb from the west starts in the small village of Au (789m) and is the hardest climb up here. The southern climb starts in Lech (1444m) on the north side of the Flexenpass (1773m) road. This climb is the hardest one if one also includes the stretch over the Flexenpass or alternatively both the Arlbergpass (1793m) and the Flexenpass. The road is wider on the east side than the west, where it is also steeper.
Other comments This road is actually the lowest passage from east to west going only through Austria. The alternatives are the Flexenpass (1773m); Arlbergpass (1793), Zeinisjoch (1842m) and Bielerhöhe (2037m). See also: Formarinjoch (1871m) and Spullersee (1835m).