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Passo Muazz Height Climbing height - length
1697m 1401m - 34.1 km (Biasca)
746m - 11 km (Olivone turn-off)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there

This climb starts in Biasca (296m) and up through Valle di Blenio you can choose among some alterntive roads. The alternatives can be more fun with just a few extra height metres, but traffic is not much of a problem even on the main road here. The real climb starts in Olivone (891m). At the first bend out of Olivone on the way to Passo del Lucomagno/Cuolm Lucmagn/Lukmanierpass (1917m) you turn off the road on a nice wide road going up straight ahead and above of Olivone.

After passing through a lit tunnel and a restaurant, you come to a little village, but continue straight on the main road and then turn off right up to Lago Luzzone (1609m) from the road that goes up the Val Camadra to Pian Geirett (2003m). From here it is steep up. At Lago Luzzone you come to a choice of four tunnels (pretty confusing). You should take the tunnel that goes down into the dam building (believe it or not). This tunnel has one-way traffic. If you happen to take the tunnel that leads to the top of the dam, you could continue to the other side and use a staircase and carry your bicycle down there to the road you should have taken. Then the road climbs quite steep up through very tight hairpins on a narrow road to end at yet another tunnel which is the most narrow one you probably ever seen open to motorised vehicles. The tunnel has the feel of a mine shaft far below earth, but it is lit enough for safe travel through.

At the end of tunnel a totally different landscape opens up that is surprisingly uninteresting. Here a gravel road takes you in 459m on a 20m ascent to the actual pass. Continue down at least 100-150m on the other side and you will get some really nice views down to Compietto, where you can see that the road is turning to asphalt again, but it does not go down there to Olivone, so you will have to return. The valley and dam ahead up the Val di Carassino also looks like an interesting excursion, but the road is not good enough for road bikes (as far as I can make out).

Other comments It is quite beautiful at Lago Luzzone and the whole climb is quite nice from Olivone. A worthwhile detour on the way to/from Lukmanierpass.
[CH-TI-1697, BIG 588]