Mola-Pianazzi Height Climbing height - length
998m - 9.33 km - 10.8% (Edolo)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there This is a quite hard climb that starts in Edolo (698m). Just as you get above the village the road becomes quite steep and the surface could also be a bit bad in places, but it will get better. It does continue steeply for quite some time and only when you go around the Dosso Torricla (1838m) the road becomes a bit flat until the last steep little finish to Pianazzi where a gravel road goes down the other side. The asphalt road continues up to Malga Mola and a quite steep concrete road goes straight up toward Baita Mola. People in the area have as much respect for this climb as the climb up to Monte Padrio (Valico di Trivigno) (1867m) and Passo della Foppa/Pas de la Foppa (1855m).
Other comments It is never really extremely steep but the pass could still be hard in hot weather as it is somewhat long. Water should not be a problem. (Possibly one could also take a shorter/steeper road through the Edolo village.)