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Col de St-Pantaléon/Colle di St. Pantaleon Height Climbing height - length
1655m (road height 1666m) 1177m - 16 km (Chambave via St-Denis)
1177m - 16.8 km (Chambave via Verrayes)
1289m - 19 km (Chambave via Verrayes/Grand-Villa)
1154m - 17.4 km (Ronchettes)
1266m - 19.6 km (Ronchettes via Grand-Villa)
1135m - 16.7 km or 17km or 1137m - 16.8 km (Champagne)
1247m - 18.9 km or 19.2km or 1137m - 19 km (Champagne via Grand-Villa)
1128m - 16.2 km (Châtillon via Cerian-Villettaz)
1128m - 17.1 km (Châtillon via Antey-Saint-André)
640m - 9.4 km (Antey-Saint-André)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there There are many alternative roads up here and I am not even including my own alternative from Ronchettes via Col des Bornes/Col de Bornel (1781m). The most well-known and classical climb up here is the one starting in Chambave (478m) that goes via St-Denis. This climb is the most consistently steep climb up, but on a good and wide road. I included an alternative road choice up from Châtillon (538m) via Torgnon (1527m) that should be similar in difficulty. I could recommend the road via Grand-Villa as it is very scenic and on a good road too with little traffic, but watch out for the water canons – they look serious enough to make you worried! See the map for most of the alternative roads.
Other comments From the top of the road you can in fine weather get a good glimpse of Matterhorn! The roads up the mountainsides in Aosta are nearly always very nice. Verrayes (1019m) at least have a bar and probably a grocery too. Torgnon is a touristy place. This could be climbed as part of the climb up to Breuil-Cervinia (+2000m). The gravel track/path between Col des Bornes/Col de Bornel is almost entirely usable with a road bike (the road from Champlong to Col des Bornes is a bit hard with a road bike, but not so bad).