homeCol de l’Homme (N.D. de la Salette)
Col de l’Homme (N.D. de la Salette) Height Climbing height - length
1656m (road height 1778m)
Sign 1670m
716m - 13 km (Corps)
838m - 14.6 km (N.D. de la Salette)
Difficulty Beauty
2-3 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there This can be a hot climb in a rather dry area in Summer. The road starts easy in Corps (940m), but starts to climb for real when you get to the foot of the mountain and then clings its way up to a minor pass, the Col des Prés Salés (1560m). Now you are cycling up toward the ridge of the mountain, but never reach it. As you go higher you will come to this likewise insignificant pass. Here most people will of course just continue to the proper goal of this climb, which is the huge monastary – the Notre Dame de la Salette at another unnamed pass (1769m). You are not supposed to go bicycling in the church area, but if you are respectful and there are not too much people walking around you can get up to the walking sign (1780m) up the hillside to get a superb view over the area.
Other comments This is a classic climb in the area and very nice when you eventually get to toward the end. (God is pointing his finger in the photo (should remove it).)