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Col de la Salzmatt/Salzmattpass Height Climbing height - length
1638m 660m - 8.8 km (Sangernboden)
769m - 12.4 km (Friesmatta)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there This looks like a somewhat easy climb from Sangernboden (978m) or Friesmatta (888m), but this climb is rather steep in parts and the last part is the hardest on a narrow road. The views are great toward the end, but unfortunately there is no great view over the Schwarzsee below on the other side as one might have hoped. There are only tracks down that side, so if you have the road bike, you will have to go back down to Sangernboden again.
Other comments This feels like a very remote pass and you are likely to only see a few people along along the way, but it is somewhat popular with people walking up here from the Schwarzsee and there are some houses in the upper valley. See the map for other climbs in the area. Real pass at 1636m just some metres after the high point of the road.