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Kreuzbergpass/Passo di Monte Croce di Comélico Height Climbing height - length
1636m 751m - 21.1 km (S. Stefano); 456m -14.4 km (Innichen/San Candino)
683m - 18.5 km (Campitello); 445m - 10.8 km (Padola)
Difficulty Beauty
2 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there This is really a rather easy pass for its height from all directions, although it is uphill from down in Belluno, but not really a “climb” from donw there. I think it is underrated in terms of beauty as you have some of the best views of the Dolomites mountains up at Tre Cime/Drei Zinnen above Misurina. The road itself is a bit boring and uneventful, but is a pratical north-south passage between the German speaking north and Italian speaking south.
Other comments The road is, depite being rather wide and good, not heavily trafficated. There are some interesting climbs in the area that demands a lot more of the cyclist than this climb, like the Passo di Sant’Antonio/Passo del Zovo (1480m) which is a hard climb from the south. Also the climb to Monte Zovo (1836m) is a well-known hard climb, with lovely views at the top (1901m) along a path (630m from the end of the asphalt), starting in Campitello (983m).