Col de l’Abréviau/du Madzé Height Climbing height - length
1634m 1212m - 15.2 km (Monthey)
890m - 10.6 km (Troistorrents); 420m - 4 km (fr. Morgins)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there The climb from Monthey (422m) is a bit steep at first on the wide and busy road to Pas de Morgins/Col d’Abondance (1370m), when you turn off at Troistorrents (744m) the road continues flat through the village. Just at the end of the village you should again turn off the road, where the climb continues without pause to the pass. You again turn off this alternative road to Pas de Morgins before entering the woods on a narrow road that stays in the open landscape. Just before the pass you again turn up a steep little stretch to the pass and find a bar across the road where it turns to gravel. The road on the other side down to Morgins may be practicable with a road bike, but I do not know and I am sure it will take longer time to get down there on that side.
Other comments The views from the pass and on the way up from Troistorrents are quite good. The last bit on the narrow road (from the alternative Pas du Morgins road) is quite lovely! Do not miss to also visit nearby La Foilleuse (1802m), which is more properly the end of a climb up here and offers even better views. One could also continue down to Champoussin (1680m) with just a short stretch (2 km) of agreeable gravel road from Les Bochasses (1736m).