Flüelapass/Pass dal Flüela Height Climbing height - length
1632m 1207m - 39.9 km (Landquart)
971m - 36.7 km (Tiefencastel)
854m - 34.1 km (Alvaneu Bad)
Difficulty Beauty
2-3 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there This is a pass on the way to/from the Flüelapass/Pass dal Flüela (2384m), but could also be used as a pass on its own if going Landquart (529m) to Tiefencastel (852m) (or from somewhere between these villages). If coming from the the northwest you will encounter the long tunnel at Bärentritt, which is possible to avoid it by using an old gravel road and it should be usable with a road bike (but I have still not travelled that stretch myself). It is a bit steep from Klosters up to the pass and there are perhaps a few places where it is a bit steep on the west side too, but on the whole this is a rather easy pass that is not so much thought of as a pass itself as most cyclists will use it as a connection for the Engadin valley.
Other comments Davos (Dorf) (1560m) is a little west of the pass after a short downhill by the lake up here. Photo from Flüelapass in 2003.