homeCol du Lachens (Montagne de Lachens)
Col du Lachens Height Climbing height - length
1628m (road height 1650m) 710m - 11.8 km (764m - 12.19 km - 5.9%) (La Bastide)
607m - 9.1 km (635m - 9.04 km - 7.0%) (Col de Clavel (north))
Difficulty Beauty
2-3 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there At this area close to the route Napoléon and the fantastic Gorges du Verdon it is a high plateau and most passes are rather easily climbed. Montagne de Lachens (1714m) is the highest mountain in Var and you can go up close to the summit at ca. 1704m. From the south or the north you will go off the main road at Col de Clavel (1069m) (which I have been to, but did not take off up here). The forest road goes to ca. 1650m where there is a little descent to the pass or you could take left up to the summit.
Other comments There are far reaching views from the pass, but of course even better up at the summit, where there is a military installation. This is not far from the big closed military area southwards from here. A nice place to visit in combination with a tour around the Gorges du Verdon! This is the highest pass I have not yet visited in the Alps.