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Colletta Salse/Passo della Colletta Height Climbing height - length
1623m 807m - 20.9 km (Ponte di Nava)
1574m - 32.5 km (Pieve di Teco)
1714m - 34.8 km (Pieve di Teco via Nava)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there Although the southern climb from Pieve di Teco (233m) is terribly much longer, this does not mean it is much harder, but there is a lot of up and down before getting to the pass. From Ponte di Nava (816m) in the northeast, it just a nice ride for a long time until you face the last bit where it is actually rather steep.
Other comments The north side from Ponte di Nava is arguably nicer even though the road via Colle di Nava is also great. It is a great little road and the highest asphalted pass in the Italian Alpe Maritime. Just because I computed all height metres on the climb from Pieve di Teco via Nava, you can see by the height metres numbers that there are some ups and down along this road: (233-933-900-1279-1234-1322-1260-1329-1291-1320--1273-1315-1231-1246-1231-1623 = 700+379+88+69+29+42+15+392 = 1714m).