homePasso del Brocon/Broccone
No photo taken Height Climbing height - length
1618m (road height 1633 (Castello Tesino)) 1418m - 30.3 km (Lamon turn-off)
1438m - 27.3 km (Grigno)
1384m - 25.4 km (Strigno via Forcella Brentana)
1275m - 24.7 km (Strigno via Passo Forcella)
884m - 13.8 km (Canal S Bovo)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) (South); 3 (5) (North) 3 (5)
How to get there

I have only done the easier northern climb, which is a steady climb that is never steep, but a nice climb. Well, looking at the Salite.ch profiles (4 of the climbs now documented there!), I apparently forgot a short stretch near the end at 15%. The climb from Grigno (259m) on the road that has been rebuilt after having long been abandoned since destroyed, should be a somewhat consistent climb but it is not so steep.

This is also the case for the climb starting after Ponte Serra on the road up to Passo Rolle, which joins the same road after Castello Tesino. Salite has only documented the climb from Pieve Tesino via Val Malene (the road I descended a few days after it was first asphalted), and that is indeed the steepest way up here and on a very twisty road. If that climb would have been calculated from below Strigno (430m) in one of the two variants I list above, then I am sure those would be the hardest climbs.

Other comments

You could go up above the pass to near Malga Arpaco where the highest ashpalted point is at 1678m. For the clearly most exciting climb you could try the road (in good weather) over Arina and the Passo della Baia (1191m), where the climb up via Arina is rather demanding and fascinating, but when the asphalt eventually runs out you have about a kilometre up through two hairpins on a not so good gravel to the pass, but then it is a smooth road to Celeada and downhill to Castello Tesino before the climbing starts again.

There is a more direct gravel road up to the pass from Ponte Arina via San Donato, but doubt it can be used by a road bike (as far as the Google Street views goes it looks possible, but there is a long way up from there). (The road between Lamon and San Donato is virtually all asphalted over the so called ‘Le Ej’ as you can see in Google Street view.) Malga Marande (1606m) is indeed a pass and different from the Brocon pass, but as it is of no relevance at all here, I will forget this one. There is a bar/restaurant at the pass.