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Bocca del Creer/Bóca del Creèr Height Climbing height - length
1617m 1459m - 20.2 km (Avio)
1654m - 25.7 km (Chizzola)
1481m - 21.1 km (Molini)
1489m - 22.9 km (Tierno)
1490m - 22.8 km (Mori)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there

The standard climb up here starts in Mori (203m) or a little southeast in the part of Mori called Tierno (204m). You here will climb a big nice road to Brentonico (700m) where there is a little dip (32m) before the climb continues up to San Giacomo (1198m), where there is another dip (44m) before the final climb via Passo di San Valentino (1314m) from where all climbing alternatives meet up and from here the road narrows considerably up to the pass.

The southeast climb that starts in Avio (158m) is the only climb without any relaxing (nearly nothing on the climb from Molini either) on the way up and therefore it is also the shortest. I have only climbed up from the crossroad for the Passo Pozza della Cola (1288m), which makes for a nice circle tour up here with Bocca di Navene (1424m) and possibly the detour up to Bocca di Tratto Spino (1752m, if you go up to the restaurant here).

Then there are two nice less known alternatives up here (with some variants), both of which starts near Chizzola (see the Google map). In order to make them as different and as straight up as possible, I choose rather different roads for the two nearby starting points. The road over Polsa (Bochét de Postemóm 1515m) has some stretches of gravel (that looks very good) and is compensated with the best views of all the climbs when you get high up there, but then have to make a longer descent (206m) before meeting up with the other roads at San Valentino. The road from Molini meets up with the normal road in Brentonico. Both these roads are rather steep at the start, but then less so. The road over Polsa might be a bit steep above Polsa.
Other comments The climb straight from the south is really too much up and down to qualify as a climb for this pass. Rather it is a climb for the high point of the Monte Baldo road (1613m) before Malga Pra Alpesina, where there is a long descent to Bocca di Navene (1424m). Bocca di Navene is the normal goal of any climb up here as that is the single point along the Monte Baldo road that offers a view over the Lago di Garda.