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Sella di Campomulo Height Climbing height - length
1616m 533m - 8.2 km (Gallio)
754m - 14 km (Ponte sulla Valghiana)
1556m - 31.6 km (Valstagna)
Difficulty Beauty
2 (5); 4 (5) (Valstagna) 3 (5)
How to get there The road west from Asiago only goes gently up to Gallio (1083m), where the climbing starts. The road from the south goes up and down before it reaches Galliano and meet the road from Asiago just before the climb from the main road starts. You could conceivably come from Valghiana and then the climb starts a bit before Gallio at the Ponte sulla Valghiana (862m). The longest and most interesting climb would be the one from Valstagna (149m) over Foza (1086m), which also means a descent, but not so long (89m) before you get to the same turn-off in Gallio for the final climb to the pass. The climb is at first a bit steep, but will eventually become easier. The asphalt runs out about half a kilometre beyond the pass.
Other comments You could do a loop road up here, but you will then have to go over several kilometres of gravel road. I myself took the road over Passo di Sbarbatal (1602m), which is good up to that pass, but was then not so good down the other side and it felt very long even if only like 5 km. Likely the road ahead that eventually could connect with Rifugio Barricata and Piana di Marcesina (1373m) would be better. Not too sure of the road choice ahead, but guess you should keep right all the time and go via Malga Mandrielle. The road over Piana di Marcesina (also a pass, but primarily a big high plateau) is quite nice. You are not allowed to go down the north side of the mountains from Barricata and there are good reasosn for this as I found out (never seen as dangerous a road in my life). But you are allowed to climb up from Selva in Valsugana and it is a terrific climb and somewhat steep too.