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Preval Vršič/Passo della Moistrocca/Werschetzpass Height Climbing height - length
Sign 1611m
1246m - 30.9 km (Bovec)
802m - 11.4 km (Kranjska Gora)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there Prelaz Vršič is the highest asphalted pass within Slovenia and a famous, nice and interesting road through the Triglav national park. The longer climb starts to the south in Bovec (447m), but it takes a while before the road starts to climb up at Trenta. From here it is a good steady climb to the top close to 10% on average for the last 9 km. The northern side from Kranjska Gora (810m) is a bit more fun road with some cobblestone sections, which makes it nicer to climb from that side.
Other comments The views are best near the top on either side. It is possible to get water from the side of the road at one place on the south side (but no tap as I remember). The road was built during the first world war by Russian prisoners and the road was on the Italian border between the world wars.
[SL-1611, BIG 876]