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Le Ju (ValgiarŽi) Height Climbing height - length
1617m 300m - 3.8 km (Pedraces)
Difficulty Beauty
1-2 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there This climb starts in Pedraces (1317m) and is short from here. The only good way up is via ValgiarŽi just before the pass. The road is newly asphalted higher up, but there were a few metres unpaved earlier on my visit (2015). The asphalt ends 260m before the pass, where a decently good gravel road continues. Never really steep. Great views from the pass itself. The road looks fine ahead, but it is too bad (and steep) when it starts to descend, so go back the same way!
Other comments Only found this pass named on local technical maps for the Alta Badia/Gadertal, and it it is just a minor passage, but a nice extra climb if you are in the area. Cafť in San Linert/San Leonardo/St. Leonhard on the way up. (You have to zoom in a little on the detailed map below for the Valparola pass to find it!) See also Ju de Valparola/Valparora/Passo di ValparÚla/Valparolapass (2197m).