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Col de Méraillet - Col du Pré Height Climbing height - length
1607m 1261m - 30.64 km (Albertville)
907m - 14.8 km (Manant)
647m - 11.7 km (Beaufort)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there This is a pass on the way to/from (Col du) Cormet de Roselend (1969m) and Col du Pré (1703m). You can climb up from all the way down in Albertville (346m) or if coming down from Col des Saisies (1658m), you start at Manant (700m) or if you are coming via Hauteluce and/or Col du Joly (1989m), then you start just above Beaufort (960m). It is located just as you arrive at the crossroad from Col du Pré and where the wonderful view over the Roselend dam opens up.
Other comments This is really just an extra pass on the way to/from the aforementioned passes and merits no special mention. See those passes for more information.