homeSommet de Lure ((Col du) Pas de la Graille/Col de Frère Jean) & Pas de Saint-Barthélémy
Sommet de Lure Height Climbing height - length
1820m (1599m, road height 1748m) 1132m - 18.5 km (1057m - 20.8 km) (St-Étienne-les-Orgues)
1312m - 27.1 km (1091m - 23.2 km) (Les Rouines)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

This is the sister mountain to Mont Ventoux (1897m). It is not many who climbs the Mont Ventoux that would even have heard about this mountain, even if closer to the main Alps. This climb is also easier than the Mont Ventoux or more comparable to the Mont Ventoux climb from Sault (which is the easier of the three classic ones). I found the gradual, but relentless climb from St-Étienne-les-Orgues (688m) quite demanding, but it was after climbing Mont Ventoux.

The highest pass is lower than the high point of the road (1748m) and below the mountain top (1820m), just like with Col des Tempêtes on Mont Ventoux. The climb from the north is very much through the woods, but it is more consistently steep on a narrow road up the last long part. It is worth getting up to the summit even though the access road at first looks really bad (a short stretch of gravel at least in 2008) from where you can see Mont Ventoux clearly in the west in good weather.

Other comments The best views are at the summit of the mountain, but also at Pas de Saint-Barthélémy (1704m), another road pass before you reach the high point from the south. It is a very lonely road even in Summer and the landscape is not very interesting apart from the great views at the top. You are near the nice Sisteron and the greener and higher mountains in the main French alps here though. This pass works as a nice, but long, connecting tour from Mont Ventoux to this area. And it is only like 90m lower than the Mont Ventoux.