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Padauner Sattel Height Climbing height - length
1591m 507m - 8.2 km (St. Jodok)
1018m - 36.5 km (Innsbruck)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there It is a long ride up here from Innsbruck (590m), where it only gets steep after St. Jodok. If coming from the Brennerpass/Passo del Brennero (1370m) the climb starts just before St. Jodok (1100m). The small road from the nice Vals valley takes you up through the woods on a hairpinned road to the pass, where there is open farmland and nice views. The best views are on the start of the climb out of Vals.
Other comments Unfortunately the gravel track down the other side to the Brenner road is not possible to use with a road bike (popular with mountain bikers, I believe, but possibly not all rideable even for them from what I heard). With an asphalt road over here it would not have been as obscure a pass as now is. If you are in the area, it is a nice little detour though!