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Col de Prafandaz Height Climbing height - length
1575m 1158m - 18.7 km (Aigle)
600m - 8.4 km (Le Sépey)
632m - 9.5 km (Les Planches)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there This is a pass that connects Leysin and Corbeyrier above Aigle (417m). This climb steep at the very end with a 20% ramp, then comes a gate and 220m flat gravel to the pass, there is a sign at the more pass-looking place a little earlier after 150m and the highest point (only stating Prafandaz). There should also be nice views up at Leysin, if not before. You could also start the climb in Le Sépey (975m) if coming from Col du Pillon, Col de la Croix or Col des Mosses. Also from Les Planches (943m) if coming down from La Forclaz.
Other comments Leysin is a pretty busy tourist resort. There is an interesting concrete road up toward Lac d’Ai and the Berneuse, which looks like partly (?) paved up to Mayen (1850m). There is a gravel road much more straight up via Ponty that apparently is used by mountain bikers, but it is likely too steep in parts to be handled with a road bike (at least it looks steep on the map).