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Hinter/Hinders Eggli (Eggli) Height Climbing height - length
1590m (1660m) 579m - 7.7 km (649m - 8.4 km - Eggli) (Saanen)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 4-5 (5)
How to get there The climb starts by the river near the train station in Saanen (1011m). The road soon gets steep into the woods up to Chalberhöni, which is a high valley pasture with several houses. Here the road climbs gently until the woods come back and the road ahead is only a gravel road, but you turn to the left over the river and follow a really steep road that winds its way up in only two serpentines to the pass on a path you below the house higher up on the ridge, so you virtually come to the pass by instead continuing on the road to the house. There is a pass sign at where the path takes off at the last bend of the road. There is no excuse for not continuing up to Eggli (1660m) – the farmhouse just 85m up the gravel road from where the asphalt ends.
Other comments The views from Eggli are hard to beat anywhere in the Alps. You can also get something to drink here by the house if you want to take a rest before the descent. The pass is called Hinders Eggli on the Swiss map and guess that is the local (or old) name, but the sign says Hinter Eggli. See also nearby Col du Pillon (1546m) and Hornberg/Uf de Chesslesattel (1814m).