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Euschelspass/Neuschelspass/Col des Neuschels Height Climbing height - length
1580m 564m - 5.4 km (Jaun east)
565m - 5.3 km (Jaun west)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

This is a quite nice and great road from Jaun (1015m or 1016m). It has several parts with concrete pavement, but it is a good road. At Ritzlialp (1510m) you see well ahead of getting there that you are greeted at the end with a horribly steep ramp up to the pass (close to 25%), so better take it a bit easy before this part. Just after a small parking the road becomes flat and the asphalt ends. 120m of easy gravel road ahead at a fork is the high point at the pass. Another 200m down takes you to the geographical walking pass (1567m).

The road down north is R1-2 and it is not really worth trying to do with a road bike. A small boy told me on the way down that I should have brought a mountain bike instead! Hard to argue against! The road actually gets worse toward the end where it is also a bit steep. It would be a great crossing that would get very popular with road bikers if it would have been improved.

Other comments The views at the top are great! See also Mittelberg/Grubenbergpass (1634m) which is a nice alternative to Jaunpass/Col de Bellegarde/Bruchbergpass (1508m), and Reidigenpass/Rieneschlipass (1616m).