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Am Rauchkofel (sattel)/Lienzer Dolomiten-Hütte Height Climbing height - length
1576m (1615m) 915m - 7 km (954m - 7.4 km (Lienzer hütte))
Difficulty Beauty
4-5 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there

This climb is starts outside Tristach (661m) on a small road (Lavanter strasse) going east. Many who goes up here only want to get to the Tristacher see (821m). This road is wide and good, but also terribly steep at once (over 10%). It continues this way to a flat little piece where the tollbooth appears as you turn right up a much more narrow road. Soon it gets steep again and now it is even more steep – usually around 16%! This road is one of the roads being on the famous list of challenging roads climbs in the Alps and it surely deserves a place there. It is 13.13% on average to the pass height.

This is actually a pass climb too, even though I did not quite realised it until I planned for going there myself. There is however only a small path down the other side in the other direction at the top where one would naturally continue to the Lienzer Dolomiten-Hütte (1615m). The pass is around the last fork (1576m) just as the steepness ease off before the parking (1610m). At the parking asphalt ends and a gravel road takes you in 150m to the hütte, which is well worth visiting.

Other comments The Lienzer Dolomiten-Hütte offers great views and also they got a restaurant. You should really get past the road fence on the gravel road and continue a little further to get the best of views! (Going a little bit further on the flat gravel road takes you to a place with a good water pipe.) The gravel road up to Karlsbader hütte should be a bit too bad for road bikes, but hard to tell as the gravel road is quite good after the Lienzer hütte, so I cannot tell as I did not continue further up and have not read any account of a road cyclist going further (yet).