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Valico di Monte Bondone Height Climbing height - length
1573m (1651m Vason)
Sign 1650m (Vason)
1448m - 17.74 km (Trento)
1373m - 20.36 km (1451m - 22.98 km) (Aldeno)
1443m - 31.81 km (1521m - 34.43 km) (Dro)
1327m - 21.47 km (1405m - 24.09 km) (Ponte Oliveti)
1076m - 14.45 km (Sopramonte)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) (east); 3 (5) (north, west) 3 (5)
How to get there

This is a famous climb and the especially so from Trento (203m) from where it is a very twisty and nice climb to the highest point at Vason, which is whre the pass sign is located, but the actual pass is a bit further away (2.62 km) down at Viotte/Vịte (1573m). This is the Charly Gaul climb (famous from the Giro d’Italia) and part of the gran fondo race with the same name (though they do climb from Sopramonte (575m) and from Aldeno (200m), which are also hard climbs). I show a steeper start from Trento in the map.

Nice and long climbs from the west could start also in Dro (130m) or at Ponte Oliveti (246m). The hardest climb is the one from Aldeno because it has a steep section after Garniga Vecchia unmatched by the other ascents. From Dro it is fairly easy, but long.

Other comments This is a great climb with good roads and fine views high up. A true classic in the area.
[IT-TN-1654, BIG 706]