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Col de Sainte-Anne Height Climbing height - length
1550m 108m - 1.6 km (Beuil)
970m - 15.3 km (Sinne turn-off)
1212m - 23.3 km (Le Pont du Cians)
Difficulty Beauty
1-3 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there The climb from Beuil (1442m) is not much of a climb. However, if you start from Le Pont du Cians (338m) you will have a nice and long climb through the Gorges du Cians. You could conceivably start the climb just before the nice section up the Cians road (580m) if you come over the nice Col de la Sinne/Sine/Sinna (1438m) from the Tinée valley. The main road continues to Col du Quartier (Col de Valberg) (1674m).
Other comments The first (!) road at the pass on the left from Beuil goes to Bergians, turn right on this road near the top and you also get to the Collet du Guérin (1638m). See also: Col des Huerris (1765m) and Col de la Couillole/Col de Cogliola (1677m).