Pragelpass Height Climbing height - length
1550m 1075m - 20 km (Netstal); 1075m - 21.7 km (Glarus)
1277m - 24.6 km (Glarus via Hintersackberg)
1109m - 25.1 km (Ibach)
1059m - 23.8 km (Schwyz-Grund)
995m - 21.6 km (Chätziboden turn-off)
1031m - 21.7 km (Suworowbrücke)
995m - 19.9 km (Illgau turn-off)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 3-4 (5)
How to get there

This is a very smart access between the Brunnen/Schwyz area and Vierwaldstätter See and the Glarus area and the Walensee, but the pass road is narrow and partly restricted for motorised traffic on the east side. From west you can start at various places depending on where you come into Moutatal. Ibach (456m) would be good if you come from Brunnen or via Suworowbrücke (533m) (with a short section of gravel road before the bridge here).

If you come directly from Schwyz, the low point is outside at Grund (on the Grundstrasse) (506m). If you come down from Ibergeregg (1406m) you could make a short-cut over a narrow little obscure road over Chätziboden and start at 570m (this road is quite steep down here). You could turn-off the Ibergeregg higher up and go via Illgau and start at 555m, which is the real start of the climb for all these variants. First after the village Muotathal the real climb on the narrow road starts and now it climbs steeply up a winding road through the woods, which becomes rather flat for a long time before you reach the actual pass.

The climb up the east side through Klöntal and by the Klöntalersee is much nicer! You can start in Netstal (475m) (and I think you could use the short-cut shown on the map). If you have made a loop over the Klausenpass (1948m) and wants to get back via Pragelpass, you start in Glarus (475m). Here you can take the normal road up the Klöntal or you can go over Hintersackberg (1053m) (also known as Schwammhöchi/Hinter Saggberg) which is a minor pass, with cobblestones on the way down to Klöntalsee (851m).

Other comments

I went the last way over Hintersackberg/Schwammhöchi the only time I have been to Pragelpass thus far and had very bad weather. In my experience it nearly always rains on Pragelpass and Klausenpass in the Summer, but if you are lucky to catch these passes in fine weather, they are both quite nice (more so Klausenpass).