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Col de la Cayolle Height Climbing height - length
2326m 1286m - 20.4 km (St. Martin-d’Entraunes)
1538m - 32.3 km (Guillaumes)
1789m - 51.7 km (Pont de Gueydan)
1182m - 26.9 km (Barcelonette)
543m - 9.2 km (Bayasse)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) 4 (5)
How to get there From the south you can start already down at Pont de Gueydan (537m) and go up through the great Gorges de Daluis, or start at Guillaumes (788m) if coming from Col du Quartier (Col de Valberg) (1674m). You will start in St. Martin-d’Entraunes (1040m), if you come over the Col des Champs (2087m). It is a long and hard climb up from St. Martin, but never very steep. From the north the climb is more beautiful and it is almost as long and hard from Barcelonette (1144m).
Other comments This is another classic, perhaps the most classic of the very southern high Alps passes. It is also not very trafficated. It is more beautiful than either Col d’Allos/Col de Valgelaye (2244m) to the west or the Col de la Bonette (2715m) to the east. It is greener and more varied than Col de la Bonette and you avoid the ugly ski resort at Allos. Bring water from the starting points (there may be water at some places along the way). There were (!) a good walkers hostel at Bayasse (1783m) on the north side (no longer).
[FR-04-2327, BIG 307]