Süftene(pass)/Schwarzenbühl(pass) Height Climbing height - length
Sign 1548m
570m - 10.2 km (Sangernboden)
469m - 5.9 km (Riffenmatt)
773m - 11.4 km (Rüschegg-Graben)
806m - 12.3 km (Guggersbachbrügg)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there

From the south the climb starts in Sangernboden (978m). This road starts by going in the wrong direction almost to the edge of the mountain around which the main road continues. You turn off this road to the right at the first and obvious place half-way up the mountain and go to Ottenleuenbad on a very sweet road. Just above the village the road truns to gravel, but soon also becomes flat for more than a kilometre to the pass (this part can be a bit dusty, but no problem with a road bike).

From the north the climb starts in Riffenmatt (1077m). You can also climb via Riffenmatt from below by starting in the west at Guggersbachbrügg (773m) or in the east at Rüschegg-Graben (740m) (or possibly down from 714m). This side has wider views and the views are especially good at the Schwarzenbühl hotel a little before the pass. We do not have much of Alps to look at north from here though.

Other comments This is a very moderately difficult pass. You could also arrive at the pass from another pass: Wasserscheidi/Wasserscheide (1584m) and the Gurnigelpass/Selibüelpass/Gantrischpass/Ganterispass (1594m), but the road is sort of flat between these passes. Also called: Süfterne and Süftenen. Good simple hotel in Sangernboden.