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Sella di Razzo Height Climbing height - length
1542m (road height 1548m) 1034m - 23.2 km (Val Pesarina/Comeglians)
602m - 10.7 km (Campolongo)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 2-3 (5)
How to get there

There is only one way to this pass since it was long ago destroyed on the north side from Campolongo (940m) and it has still not been resurfaced on this side. Possibly the track part can be used with mountain bikes, but it is not advisable (from what I have heard) with a road bike, even though there is an impressive section of serpentines on good asphalt in the middle before the asphalt disappears. This would have been the most obvious way to the pass otherwise.

The climb starts in Comeglians (522m) and it is a gradual climb up the Val Pesarina/Cjan‚l PedarÁ on the road that goes to Sella Ciampigotto/Valico di Cima Ciampigotto (1790m) or alternatively to Sella di Rioda (1801m) (via Sella di Razzo (1758m)). Before reaching Sella di Razzo (Casera Razzo as it is referred to by locals) you turn off the last asphalted road to the right while still in the woods. Asphalt runs out after 260m, which also happens to be the location for this pass.

Other comments The road over Sella di Razzo & Sella di Rioda were recently asphalted (late 2003 or 2004). There is a restaurant at the Sella Ciampigotto pass (which was very popular for lunch when I was there in 2000). The road over Passo del Pura is quite nice and has a quite demanding south side with serpentines all the way up. Sauris/Zahre is an enclave where some still speak a kind of German (the city used to be very isolated before the road from Ampezzo was built. Photo from nearby Sella di Razzo (pass sign place, not really the actual pass).