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Vorder Höhi/Amdenerhöhe Height Climbing height - length
Sign 1536
1113m - 11.7 km (Weesen)
643m - 6.8 km (Starkenbach)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) (Amden) 3-4 (5) (Starkenbach) 3-4 (5)
How to get there This is a famously hard climb from either side. It is a long climb from Weesen (422m) via Amden and after Amden one turn off the main road on a flat narrow road into the tiny Sell valley. At the end of this valley the road suddenly climbs desperately up to Altschen (1388m) (120 height metres in 900m) and arguably the climb would have been easier if they had completed the road over Arvenbüel, but for some reason this is the way to take. Then it is easy to the pass. From Starkenbach (892m) to the north you better take the right way (do not turn right as I did here by mistake or you will have to walk up some grassy slopes after fighting you way up an even steeper road). The road ahead turns to concrete pavement when it starts to climb and remain so for several kilometres. It is a good concrete road with a little rumble as it is finely ”ribboned”. It is steep but not so very steep.
Other comments There are great views on the Amden side, but no good views on the Starkenbach side below the pass. Also see: Hinter Höhi (1418m) (Raa/Rah (1451m)).