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Forcola di Livigno/Fuorcla da Livign/Passo Forcola/La Fórcola Height Climbing height - length
Signs 2315m, 2314m
259m - 3.9 km (La Motta (Dogana))
1895m - 33.9 km (Tirano)
496m - 14.2 km (Livigno)
464m - 11.8 km (Livigno west)
Difficulty Beauty
2 (5) (La Motta (Dogana))
4 (5) South; 2 (5) East
2-3 (5)
How to get there If you go from Livigno (1818m) or bypassing Livigno starting at 1850m in Italy, this is a rather easy pass. The same is true if you come from Passo del Bernina (2328m), even if the bit from La Motta (Dogana) (2055m) is somewhat steep (up to 13-14%). However, if you come all the way dwon from Tirano (438m) in Italy, then this is a really hard and long pass climb!
Other comments I have not found this a very beautiful pass. No water on this climb (the short variants). There are all kinds of services down in Livigno. Typically one travels via the Passo di Foscagno (2289m) and Passo d’Eira (2211m) when passing over this pass as the only alternative is the Livigno tunnel to Switzerland. It is no longer allowed to go bicycling to/from Livigno through the tunnel as someone has deemed it too dangerous and thus you will have to either pay a fee for the bus or a higher fee as penalty for breaking the regulation. (20 euro in my case, even when I met no car in the tunnel. I had just missed the half-hourly bus and hoped they would not charge me a fee – I do not approve of that regulation. No idea what the fee might be outside bus hours … .) Other names: Passo Forcola, La Fórcola.