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Passo di Cimabanche/Sórabànces/Im Gemärk Height Climbing height - length
1533m 316m - 16.1 km (Toblach/Dobbiaco)
101m - 3.1 km (Schluderbach/Carbonin)
306m - 14.8 km (Cortina d’Ampezzo)
Difficulty Beauty
1-2 (5) 2 (5)
How to get there You can go uphill to this pass from Bolzano/Bozen or from Vittorio Veneto for a +1000m climb and it will not be easy, but the problem then only comes from the length and not from the climb. It is one of the easiest climbs for its height that could be found. You start from either Toblacher Sattel/Sella di Dobbiaco (1221m) to the north for a nice and easy climb to the pass taking a right turn at Schluderbach/Carbonin (1432m) to avoid going over the Misurinapass (1760m). You could alternatively start in Cortina d’Ampezzo (1227m) to the south for a climb that looks a bit like a climbs for the last part at least, but it is short.
Other comments If you just need to pass quickly between Cortina and Toblach, then this is the road to take. You may wish to climb the cul-de-sac to Malga Ra Stua (1690m) (not done myself), but the gravel road continuing up to Seeneshütte and FodaraVedla and the famously steep concrete road down the other side is not good enough for a road bike. There is also a forestry road, taking off just after Schluderbach/Carbonin on the Toblach side, up to Plätzwiesensattel/Passo Pratopiazza (1991m) which reaches 2004m before the pass. This road is closed and has some places not good enough for a road bike, even if there still remains a short stretch in the middle of an old asphalt road and I think it was easy to use in earlier times, but no longer.