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Stafel/Ängi (Klewenalp) Height Climbing height - length
1532m 1096m - 10.8 km (Beckenried)
1090m - 10.3 km (Niederdorf)
Difficulty Beauty
4 (5) 3 (5) (4 (5) Klewenalp)
How to get there This climb starts by the ferry at Beckenried (436m) or in Niederdorf (442m). This is a pretty tough climb and the hardships starts just above Niederdorf. Not sure how it will be with this section as they were redrawing the road up this part for all I could make out when I visited, but it was very steep at around 17% right away (and very hot on my visit). This climb has a general steepness comparable to the famous Mortirolo pass climb from Mazzo at 10.6% for over 10 km, but this pass is much more uneven and has some nice and easy stretches too. Close to the end when you start to enjoy the nice climb up great serpentines, the road suddenly turns to gravel, but then some hundred metres later the asphalt resumes to Tannibüel (1527m) just before the pass (1532m) which is again reached after 265m of easy gravel (maybe 500m in all).
Other comments There is water half-way up where the road becomes more narrow. No real pass name here that I have found. There is a small pass, Sätteli (1757m) up the road from the sign-post closest to the pass (saying Stafel), but I am not sure how good the gravel is up there. One could somewhat easily tackle the 1.6 km of gravel to Klewenalp (1593m) (in the other direction at Tannibüel) for a great view down over the Vierwaldstätter see and for more restaurants. (High pooint 1597m on this road.) The other side down the Ängibach side has a few kilometres of gravel before one rejoin an asphalt road, but do not know if the gravel part is usable with a road bike.