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Gerlospaß/Pinzgauer Höh Height Climbing height - length
1531m (road height 1628m)
954m - 24.98 km (Zell am Ziller)
1051m - 28.98 km (Zell am Ziller new road)
660m - 11.2 km (Wald im Pinzgau old road)
757m - 13.07 km (Wald im Pinzgau new road)
Difficulty Beauty
3 (5) 3 (5)
How to get there

This is a long climb from Zell am Ziller (577m), but it has also some flat parts. From Wald im Pinzgau (871m) you can climb the new road via the Krimmler fall to 1628m before a nice descent to the pass. The old road on the east side should be the hardest climb even if the shortest and the one with least height metres (I have not done that yet).

Other comments It is quite nice down/up from Zell am Ziller lower down. It is also fairly nice just at the pass height with views over the Durlassboden see (a dam). On the new road there are nice views of the Krimmler waterfall, but it is rather dull in the woods at the high point on the new road which is a lot higher than the actual pass. It is often bad weather in this area in the Summer, so cross your fingers. In some parts on the road up the Pinzgau valley they try and redirect bicycles, which seems like a stupid endeavour, but you might have to occassionally follow those directions, such as going through the Wald village rather than using the tunnel here. Down in Zillertal you are not supposed to use the wide and nice road that starts where one comes down from the Gerlospass, but rather use more dangerous narrower roads with more traffic, but the narrower road is better if you need to visit the villages. One could go on asphalt here up to Gerlosplatte/Hochkrimml (1697m) with some further freaching views.
[AT-5-1531, BIG 622]