Deutsch-Griffen Height Climbing height - length
877m - 13.8 km (Deutsch-Griffen)
766m - 10.1 km (Sirnitz)
469m - 8 km (Ebene Reichenau)
Difficulty Beauty
3-4 (5) (Deutsch-Griffen); 3 (5) (Sirnitz); 2 (5) (Ebene Reichenau) 2-3 (5)
How to get there

The most interesting climb starts from Lackner (740m) to the east in Gurktal and here the real climbing starts in Deutsch-Griffen. It is a narrow and somewhat steep road up to Hochrindl-kegel (1617m) and a little descent to the pass and an easy road to Ebene Reichenau. Nice on the way up here.

From the east one could also start the climb in Neualbeck (777m) and climb via Sirnitz and take a shortcut up to 1543m below the high point on the road from Deutsch-Griffen (photo). It should be a bit easier and less interesting.

Finally it is an easy climb from Ebene Reichenau (1062m), where the road was not asphalted so long ago (around year 2000, I think) up through the woods.

Other comments When you come up the Deutsch-Griffen road to Hochrindl, there is another obvious unnamed pass to the right at 1599m by the parking here, but the lower Hochrindl-Alpl is the pass we use so let us be happy with that. See also: Schiestelscharte/Glockenhütte (2029m) and Turracherhöhe (1794m).